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Granite Counter Tops Colors

One of the most impressive things are walking into a newly remodeled kitchen, with its lovely colors and the elegant look of a granite countertop you can easily think you walked into a professional kitchen, or the home kitchen of some fashionable chef.

But most of us know that this comes at a price, not only the price for the work being made on the kitchen, the workers working to remodel the whole space, but also the cost of the materials used, while its true that the end result is indeed very satisfying most times, this is not something that you can plan and execute in a very short time, and it is almost impossible for one person to do this by himself, as in many other home improvement tasks. This is a work for the experts and its costs according to the quality and the material being used.

One important feature in any house and any kitchen is the lighting solutions, if you take the time and effort to remake your kitchen make sure you place high importance on the light that is going to light up the space, and if you are lucky enough to live in a pace that has sun most of the year, try and make the most of it and enjoy the natural sunlight in your kitchen.


The light is a huge issue, and this is certainly something that is very much connected to the colors that you choose for you granite kitchen counter top.

The color that you pick for your granite counter top is going to have a dramatic effect on all the kitchen and you may find yourself adjusting the whole space to go with the counter top color. This is not a bad thing, but it is important that you are aware o fit, before you start looking for a color, and it is also important to remember that granite counter tops have a very strong presence in the kitchen.

The good news are that there are many different colors to choose from, and that you can create almost any color theme in kitchens these days, and that the cost of all that is not too high when thinking about the overall cost of remodeling a kitchen. If you plan to keep some parts of your old kitchen and integrate the new features into the old, existing ones, you should pay extra attention to the colors and the granite counter top appearance in the room.

I always find that combining all the elements in the kitchen to create a general flow of color and design is the best way to go, if you use this concept while thinking of your new kitchen you could avoid a terrible clash of colors, that is sometimes a real problem that is discovered only once you have finished working on the kitchen and most of the money has been spent.

Granite counter tops can serve you well, in its durable usability and its clean and elegant looks, most people find that designing the space so that the granite counter top will seem like it is integrated into the kitchen makes the space looks complete and constant, which is a superior quality when talking about kitchen design.


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Daniel Roshard is a interior designer fascinated by garden architecture, he is currently studying garden design and integration of house appliances to the outdoors. Daniel writes tips and advice on Granite use at

Outdoor Kitchens Are The New Trend

An Outdoor Kitchen is a fabulous addition to a house, it is something that will change your house completely.

Outdoor Kitchens are becoming more and more popular, the change is mainly due to the fact that a lot of people are trying to upgrade the familiar barbeque experience into something a little more elegant and comfortable – the Outdoor Kitchen.

Image by proxop

Image by proxop

Outdoor kitchen can be used not only as the main attraction at your parties, an outdoor kitchen can be used on a daily basis, with the whole family enjoying a meal n the open air, you may find yourself disappointed of restaurants when you start eating “out” a few times a week. Suddenly an evening in a closed space will seem like less fun compared to the outdoor kitchen experience waiting just a few steps from your living room.

The growing popularity of the outdoor kitchen in the last years has created many different products to choose when designing your outdoor kitchen, some people prefer to design a small and practical outdoor kitchen and save some costs, others go for the luxury additions when creating their outdoor kitchen design.

Today you can find outdoor kitchens in region of the world that have relatively short summers, people living in these areas try and enjoy the summer to its fullest, and install a kitchen that is built around the grill, this way they can have a barbeque without running in and out of the house and use a small kitchen in their backyard.

Weather conditions in your area will be very important when thinking of an outdoor kitchen design, in some cases extreme weather will call for unique solutions and custom made outdoor kitchens, these can be very expensive and take a lot of energy to put together, you may need to consider the conditions of your living area before going ahead with the plan to build an outdoor kitchen.

Naturally there are huge advantages to the outdoor experience, spending quality time with your family and friends and enjoying the outdoors, an outdoor kitchen can create the prefect setting for all these things on a regular, everyday basis. The work you will need to put into your outdoor kitchen is also something to consider before checking out the appliances, if you plan to do this by yourself you should be aware of the fact that building an outdoor kitchen may take a lot of time, so free a couple of your weekends and carefully plan and design your outdoor kitchen. If you plan to have a third party perform the construction of the outdoor kitchen make sure you know exactly what you want and start the negotiations from your ideal point, don’t forget that contractors sometime have their own preferences, but they are not the ones living in the house, so remember to make it absolutely clear that you are calling the shots on this outdoor kitchen design.

One last word about outdoor kitchens, you may find that some people are much nicer to you than they were before when you have your outdoor kitchen ready, some of them may even call and ask if they can come over for a nice sunny Sunday lunch and enjoy your new outdoor kitchen, you don’t have to invite all of these new friends, and if they complain about you never answering the phone or not getting the door, you can simply tell them you were outside, preparing a nice lunch in your new outdoor kitchen.


Outdoor Barbeques are perfectly suited to Australia’s weather and lifestyle. Call us today and make your dream a reality! 07 3206 6266

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Daniel Roshard is a interior designer fascinated by garden architecture, he is currently studying garden design and integration of house appliances to the outdoors. Daniel is writing reviews and tips on Outdoor Kitchens at

Pot Racks Do Wonders to Your Kitchen

Stacked Pots

Photo by jazzndre

Do you consider your kitchen as your haven? Then build one that you can call the kitchen of your dreams! You should definately aim for anything that would improve the look and design of your kitchen. The kitchen should properly set your mood for cooking. At the same time, the kitchen should also allow you to properly work whenever you are cooking.

1. Pot Racks

The pot rack basically consists of a rack with hooks attached. The pots will be placed on these hooks. The wall mounted racks may have shelving units to it. This is indispensable in your household kitchen. Offering efficiency and saving storage space, you could not go on without the pot racks.

Another good thing about it is that you can actually save the cookware from being scratched or damaged when they are ordinarily cramped in your kitchen cabinet. The racks will let you display your pots and pans in your kitchen, adding more style and definition to the kitchen. It will also make your cookware neatly arranged, for more convenient access. There will be no need anymore to bend low to reach them below, from the kitchen cabinets. It will also save you the time of having to rummage through the kitchen cabinet looking for one stubborn item. It can also be used to store other kitchen utensils, not only your pots and pans.

2. Before Buying

– Consider the size of the home kitchen
– Take note of your height.
– Choose the type that suits your taste.
– Find a proper placement for your pot rack.
– Install properly the pot rack.

3. Basic Considerations

Consider the size of the home kitchen

The dimensions of your home kitchen should be one of the main determining factors in getting a pot rack. For hanging pot racks, the size of the ceiling should be taken ahead.

Take note of your height

You and your housemates will definitely be aided to easier cooking if you can reach those pots! A hanging pot rack should be structured or positioned at a height that you can easily reach. To get the exact height that will be convenient for you, extend your arms upward. The distance from the floor to your hands should be the same distance that the pots and pans would have when hanging from the pot rack.

Choose the type that suits your taste

There are wall mounted racks, ceiling pot racks, hanging pot racks. The ceiling pot rack and hanging pot rack would definitely save you more kitchen space. You can use the remaining storage space for other kitchen utensils or stuff. If you are more particular with the design of your kitchen, then you can opt for the wall mounted racks. They often come in beautiful designs and stylish details. Pot racks may also be made of different materials. They may be made of wood or metal, brass, copper, chrome, or wrought iron. Choose one that you think will suit best in your kitchen design. Get one that will also be within your capacity to maintain.

Find a proper placement for your pot rack

The placement of your rack will definitely contribute to your kitchen enjoyment. It should not interfere with your cooking. It should also make the kitchen look more pleasant and appealing. Pot racks are often placed over a sink or a counter. Hanging racks are usually placed above kitchen islands. Some would put it above the peninsulas. The wall racks are typically found between kitchen cabinets. Do not ignore this aspect as this will also contribute to the safety in your kitchen. It’s always good to avoid the unnecessary hits and bumps in the kitchen.

Install properly

Mounting the pot rack should be done the right way, to save your kitchen from the marks and damages of any trial and error. Make sure that the ceiling or the wall has enough strength to support the pot rack. The installation should ensure that the rack has been firmly attached to the ceiling or the wall. The racks may sometimes be really heavy depending on the material and design. Add to it the weight of the pans that you will hang.

4. Where To Buy?

The pot racks can be easily purchased at you local kitchen stores, home improvement shops and even online. You can choose from a variety of styles and brands. They also come in different price ranges, depending on the features, design and material. A small and simple one may cost you only $50, while a large and exquisitely designed rack may require you to cash out at least a thousand dollars. Just make sure that you purchase one that will suit your needs and buying capacity.


Do YOU have a pot rack? Which do you prefer – pot rack or pot drawer/cupboard? Leave us a comment below and let us know!


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