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A Guide To Great Kitchen Cabinets And Countertops

Are your kitchen cabinets and counter tops an eye sore? Or maybe plain jane? Do you have a kitchen which looks very clean and organized but when the cabinets open all the things inside start tumbling out? Do you have a new house that needs a handsome kitchen to go along with it? Once of the main focus in planning the interiors of the house is the kitchen. This area is always given much consideration since a lot of important things are done in the kitchen. So you need to look at your concept very well looking particularly on budget and over all look.

Before you buy or have your kitchen cabinets and counter tops done the way you like consider a few things such as:

– How small or huge is my area for the kitchen?
– Do I need a lot of cabinets?
– What will I put inside the cabinets (so you will know what kind of cabinet organizers to put inside)
– Should I consider high end materials?
– What main colors and theme will I want to use for my kitchen?
– Will I be cooking a lot here? Or will just be heating a lot of frozen items in the microwave?
– How many cooks stay in the house?
– Is having an island in my kitchen more functional for me?
– Can I afford moderately high end pieces?
– What type of designs do I want for my cabinets?
– What kitchen equipments will I use (ex. Stoves and Ovens)?
– What materials do I want to see in my kitchen (ex. Marble or granite)?
– How do I want my knobs to look like?
– Do I want my hinges to be visible?
– Should drawer slides be considered?
– What type of sink will I put in my kitchen? Will it match the overall theme?
– How tall do I want my counters to be?
– How high should my cabinets be?
– Is my counter top durable? Scratch free? Presentable? Is it safe for children when they around and hit the edges?
– Is my main focus for the kitchen just for aesthetics or will I actually need to use the area?
– Do I need shelves or do I want my shelves inside the cabinets?

White Kitchen

Image by AE Shopfitters All Rights Reserved

A lot of kitchen cabinets are available on the market today all you just need to know and think of is how you want to your kitchen to mainly look like and most importantly you need to consider your budget. You don’t to have the high end pieces just to have a posh looking kitchen you just need to have a good eye for nice and beautiful things and you will be on your way to that great looking kitchen.

There are cabinets and counter tops that are already almost finished and will just be placed in your kitchen you can consider this or you may want something done exactly as your ‘vision kitchen’. You may also need to consider if you need someone else to do it for you or if you can do it yourself. If you have old kitchen cabinets and counter tops you can consider to have it remodeled, replaced, refaced or refinished (if you are on a very tight budget). Remember to have good shelving in your cabinets if you have old ones that are about to collapse change them now and don’t wait for the day you precious plates increase in number but n small fragments. There are great cabinet organizers available on the market today consider them and see which will work best with your needs. Replace your old hinges specially if your cabinet doors are falling apart or have been there for a century already.

Remember good planning and budgeting is the key for your perfect dream kitchen. Your kitchen cabinets and counter tops are the focal point in every
kitchen it must always look presentable, unique, simple and organized. So research well and put your dreams into reality. After all you will be spending a lot of time and money to put it together and another long hour using it.

Get that dream kitchen. Get the right kitchen cabinets and counter tops.


Stuck on your ‘vision’ for your kitchen? Look at our links for a great range of colour schemes! 

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Designing your Dream Kitchen

Whether renovating or building new, kitchen design requires careful consideration of a family’s lifestyle. What happens in your kitchen dictates the first decision you make before further fine-tuning any design elements in your plan. Your first decision must be on kitchen size. For many families, the kitchen is indeed the heart of the home. Not only is the kitchen the site of food preparation, for many families who opt out of formal dining areas, it is also where all meals are served.

For the family oriented home-owner who leads a casual and traditional lifestyle, the kitchen is also where children gather to do homework, where Mom sets up her scrapbooking supplies, where friends are entertained. If this is you, your kitchen design must be planned to accommodate a variety of activities.

For home owners whose approach to the kitchen is more utilitarian, a compact, modest-sized kitchen might be more in line with the design you have in mind. The kitchen can be much smaller, with the saved space devoted to rooms that see perhaps a little more activity than the kitchen. For many of today’s singles and couples, cooking has become a hobby as much as a necessity. If this is you, your kitchen design will be a backdrop to showcase your interest and talent. Be sure your kitchen adequately accommodates this popular pastime.

No matter what your lifestyle, there are certain elements key to all kitchen design, all kitchen sizes. What appliances will occupy your kitchen space? Consider size and placement in your planning. Do you have room to work? Is an island necessary and is their adequate space to ensure its placement will not interfere with traffic flow? Is floor space sufficient for an easy flow of traffic from refrigerator to stove to sink to table? Have you allowed for adequate cupboard and countertop space? Do you have space for all your kitchen tools and those tools and appliances still on your wish list?

Once you have studied carefully your lifestyle, you are better prepared to decide on a kitchen sized to meet your family’s needs. It is then that you can move on to design that perfect kitchen. Consider searching the Internet to find some useful design tips, methods and designs in particular for your kitchen. Who said kitchen design is a hard and frustrating experience — it can actually be a lot of fun if you’re prepared with the right tools and knowledge.


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Kitchen Design And Storage

Critical to any kitchen design is the attention given to storage. How much cupboard space is enough? And is enough ever enough?

The minimalist will design his or her kitchen considering only the intended function of a kitchen: to prepare and serve meals. Said kitchens are designed only to store the tools necessary to such function. The minimalist will rue the day he shelved consideration of extra storage space.

A kitchen is unlike any other room in the house. While other rooms change to reflect changes in lifestyle – new couch, new lamps, new curtains — the kitchen grows with its owner, changes little, and brings a history with it. While I started out thirty years ago with a set of borrowed pots and pans and a mismatched set of yard sale cutlery, I have accumulated so much more, both voluntarily and by accident.

Kitchen Bench

Image by gimbok

Fortunately, the initial owners of my home had the foresight to implement a kitchen design that accommodates these accidents of time. Ceiling high shelves, while rarely poked into, are the perfect spot for Christmas dishes, Grandmother’s set of old china, the children’s first dishes, my collection of college day beer steins,  and some rather unique and unusual impulse purchases.

I mean, doesn’t everyone own a set of salt and pepper shakers shaped like a pig’s snout? Then there are the ‘theme’ dishes: apples, sunflowers, roosters. You name it, I’ve got it. Fortunately, I’ve also got a kitchen designed to take it.

Any kitchen design worth its snout in salt has to recognize that the kitchen is the main recipient of birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Fondue sets, martini sets, cheese sets, candy making kits, cake decorating kits, all of those “I knew you’d love it,” end up in the kitchen.

Where do you put thirty years of recipe books? How many junk drawers can you fill in a lifetime? Then there are all those nifty little appliances: waffle makers, crock pots, sandwich makers, electric griddles, food processors, bread machines, and so on. And these are the things I don’t use…

Go ahead dig the Internet and you’re bound to find some fresh new designs for your kitchen that will fit your needs. It doesn’t have to be frustrating experience it can also be a lot of fun if you do your homework.

But no matter what remember this… Kitchen design — it has to begin with storage. Lots.


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About the Author

John Layton is the author of Kitchen Design And Storage and can provide additional tips and advise at his website he also publishes a daily blog at